Content Policy
Any online community or "platform" allows a lot of lattitude to its users as to the nature of the content they contribute. A consumer of this content might be offended, delighted, confused or flumoxed by it, but allowing users to share their thoughts is basically what Headcycle is all about.
With that said here are some Headcycle guidelines (we'll get this most serious out of the way first).
Content is prohibited if it:
  • is illegal
  • is involuntary pornography
  • encourages or incites violence
  • threatens, harasses, or bullies or encourages others to do so
  • is personal and confidential information
  • impersonates someone in a misleading or deceptive manner
  • is spam
Prohibited Behavior
In addition to publishing prohibited content, the following behaviors are prohibited:
  • doing anything that interferes with normal use of Headcycle for others
  • creating multiple accounts to avoid punishment or restrictions
NSFW (Not Safe For Work) content (this is NOT limited to porn)
All people, societies, workplaces, etc. are different. Content that will mortally offend one user could be found to be halarious by another. We ask that when you submit content you pause and determine if that content might be objectionable to others.
If the content includes nudity, pornography or profanity it should be marked as NSFW. We've even created an entire Headcycle for NSFW posts.
Enforecement of rules and monitoring content
We really, Really, REALLY, don't want to be hall monitors in terms of content and Headcycles created by users. There are steps we can take to enforce our rules and behavior guidelines such as:
  • message you with a nice "hey, thanks for posting but (fill in the blank) might not be appropriate"
  • message you, and not be nice about it (but we will be direct)
  • delete content
  • ban users from certain headcycles
  • ban users from the site
  • ban Headcycles
Moderators and Headcycle Specific Rules
As Headcycle grows moderators will start to enforce their own rules in addition to those listed here but we do not prescribe their usage - they will be enforced by the moderators themselves.