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Medical Marijuana (
submitted by belpro 2 years ago

The medical marijuana applied the marijuana plant or the chemicals in it in treating conditions and certain illnesses. The marijuana plants have more than a hundred of different chemicals known as the cannabinoids. This is basically the same goods as the recreational marijuana, but it has been taken for the medical purposes now.

About more than a half of the states in the United States like the Culver City dispensary and in the District in Columbia that have legalized the medical marijuana in various forms, and even more are taking into consideration its bills to do similarly. Yet while lots of people are aided by marijuana, the FDA had only been approved it for curing of the two severe and rare forms of epilepsy, the Lennox-Gastaut syndrome and the Dravet syndrome.
Why have more examinations not been done? One of the reasons was that the United States Drug Enforcement Administration or the US DEA considered marijuana as the Schedule I drug, it is the same with heroin, ecstasy, and LSD, and is anticipated to be harmed and lacked in medicinal value. For that reason, the researchers needed a particular license for studying it, says by Dr. Marcel Bonn-Miller, the substance abuse authority at the School of Medicine in University of Pennsylvania in Perelman.

But this may not modify anytime soon. The US DEA considered reclassifying the marijuana as the Schedule II drug such as the Ritalin or the oxycodone, but settled on keeping it as the Schedule I drug.
However, the agency did agree to support added research on this marijuana and build the procedure easier for the researchers."The research is seriously needed, since it had to be able towards advising doctors and patients on the secured and effective application of cannabis," said by the Bonn-Miller.

He allocated some other background on the medical marijuana's potential side effects and some other uses.

cheechsmith 2 years ago *

Why have more examinations not been done?

Because $ (big pharma) and the US Government can tax prescription drugs, not the plant that grows naturally and is pretty much everywhere. Also, racism in the 1920s in the southwest US.

Bill Hicks said it best