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The side effects of medical marijuana that were reported are bloodshot eyes, dizziness, low blood pressure, fast heartbeat, depression and lastly hallucinations.

The drug may also affect the individual’s judgment and coordination that might lead to injuries and accidents. When applied during the younger or teenage years during those years that the brain is in the process of developing, the medical marijuana might affect the mental and the IQ function of the person.

Since marijuana had some of the similar chemicals discovered in tobacco, there had been concerns that when smoking it, it might harm our lungs. The side effects of the inhaled marijuana on our lung health are not clear yet, however, there are some more evidences that might progress the danger of having bronchitis and some other kinds of lung difficulties.

This National Institute on the Drug Abuse states that the medical marijuana may be addictive and has been considered as a “gateway drug” into using some other types of drugs. Bonn-Miller again said that the higher the amount of the THC and also the more frequent you use, then, the more likely that you are to turn into it and be dependent. The person will have some difficulty stopping it when they need to stop it. There will be cravings during those periods that you are not using it. And then, you will need more of it to give you that similar effect."

The other issue is that this FDA agency does not oversee the medical marijuana like the prescription drugs does. Although the states monitor and the regulate sales, they frequently do not have the supplies to do so. It only means that the vigor of it and the ingredients in the medical marijuana may vary quite a little depending on where you are going to buy it. "Last year, there had been a study which has been purchased labeled edible goods, like lollipops and brownies, in Washington and in Culvery City dispensary California. Then the products has been sent to the laboratory," Bonn-Miller says. "Some of the goods contained anywhere close by what they stated they did. That is the problem then."

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