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Some may say that 'Idiocracy' is a documentary instead of a work of fiction, but the movie that really has come true is the 1976 release - Network.

Cinephilia & Beyond does it again with interviews, behind the scenes pictures, and videos with everyone involved including the director, actors, writers, etc.

An excerpt from the article:

Once it opened, everybody kept saying, ‘Oh, what a brilliant satire.’ But Paddy and I always said, ‘This isn’t satire, it’s sheer reportage.’ We were both brought up in television, so we knew what we were dealing with. But I’ve got to tell you—I don’t think I’ve seen it in 20 years (I don’t usually like to look at my work)—I’m stunned at how prescient it is. A lot of what was hilarious 25 years ago got no laughter tonight because it has all come true. So it hits you with a kind of impact that was not originally intended. —Sidney Lumet

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