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The first sentence of the following quote from the article makes me sad.

People aren’t tired of franchise movies. That’s why Spider-Man: Homecoming will make enough money to actually turn Manhattan into a giant spider. But far too many franchises overstay their welcomes or are so obviously just going through the motions. There’s nothing sadder than watching a relationship falter because one side stopped trying, and the bond between movie juggernaut and its audience is the kind that needs constant tending to keep the romance alive.

Seriously people, checkout Get Out if you haven't seen it yet, and stop the sequel, "reboot" (remake) madness.

boyfromnyc 6 years ago

Late last week NPR did a review of Alien Covenant.
While not going over the top, the he clearly liked it more than this reviewer.

More interestingly he described the creature in the original as part phallic symbol and used motorcycle parts.

Some imagery just gets to you.