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Bloviating, impassioned performances always beat out more subtle true 'acting'. This article looks at the Oscars in this light.

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djfrodo 3 years ago *

So I haven't seen all of these, but I think the worst was Brad Pitt and Scarlett Johansson.

I really like a lot of what Tarantino has done, but Once Upon a Time in Hollywood is probably his least interesting movie...kind of ever. It looked great, the acting was good, but nothing really happened.

As for Scarlett, I thought her performance, and Marriage Story, was the best flick of the year (full disclosure - I haven't seen Parasite yet).

No idea on Tom Hanks, Phoenix, or Florence Pugh, but Driver was really amazing, and very real.

If you need to feel really bad just remember that Dances with Wolves beat Goodfellas, Forest Gump beat Pulp Fiction, and How Green was my Valley beat...Citizen Kane.

Not to mention Crash beating Brokeback Mountain, Capote, and Munich, and Shakespeare in Love beat Saving Private Ryan and The Thin Red Line.

So, I hear you, but it's happened before, and it will happen again.