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This is for fans of Captain America, The Civil war. (It's O.K.. it's one of those guilty pleasures).
In The Civil War, Hawkeye is in some trouble and he turns to Wanda Maximoff,( a much better name than the Scarlet
Witch) and says "Help me Wanda"
C'mon I can't be the only one.

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djfrodo 7 years ago

As in Help Me Rhonda?

Or am I missing your reference?

I haven't seen it. I kind of loathe all superhero/comic book flicks.

I really think the only one I would endorse is The Dark Knight. Unfortunately it seems Hollywood has learned that 12-24 year old boys will shell out tons of money to see the same story told over and over again.

The basic script is:

1) Evil character wants to control the universe but needs to get the macguffin to complete his task.

2) An authority (parental) figure assembles a band of ragtag characters to stop evil character (the "getting the band together sequence")

3) At first the band doesn't get along. We get to learn their quirks which later in the movie will become their strength.

4) The band slowly bonds in their first "mission".

5) Evil character somehow gains the upper hand. The band is now using their quirky skills to figure out what the evil character is doing (with a little help from the authority character) and they bond.

6) Evil character makes a move that might be insurmountable to the band (always two thirds of the way into the move). The band seems defeated and they think everything is hopeless.

7) One member of the band, through one of their quirks, sparks and idea on how to defeat evil character.

8) Montage of the band planning and then putting their plan into practice.

9) Action scene with lots of cgi, bass, and cuts.

10) The band is victorious.

11) Fin (and the studio that made it makes tons of money)

Almost all of the DC or Marvel flicks based on a super hero or comic books are the same.

One great recent example is Suicide Squad - terrible reviews, yet it's made 731.7 million USD to date, and the sequel has been green lighted. I'd say the same for Deadpool - 760.3 million USD to date.

I would say "Fuck these movies" - but that would be harsh, so I won't.

I just want them to go away. Unfortunately I know they won't.

So get ready for "Spiderman the rebooted, reboot, reboot", "Deadpool 3", and "The Avengers: " coming to you on demand in 2020.

OP boyfromnyc 7 years ago

Aw, cm'on. they aren't that bad. Planning on seeing Dr. Strange tomorrow night.
I'll give you my reactions.

Reviews aren't all that matters. See earlier discussion re good movies that no has seen.

Yes, you did get the "help me Wanda" reference, almost worth the price of the ticket by itself

Your 'fuck these movies" approach is a clear ripoff of Cicero's First Catalinian oration.(It's like term papers, there are only seven originals). ,