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A great article about a great film,

Check it out, and if you haven't seen breaking away, you really should - it's actually up there with Rocky or The Karate Kid.

In a lot of ways it's better.

From the article:

Because Breaking Away begins in media res, no explanation is provided, though it is not a stretch to assume Dave feels insecure about his future. Peter Yates’s coming-of-age film, built upon Steve Tesich’s Oscar-winning screenplay, depicts a side of small-town, blue-collar America that went unacknowledged for decades, and in doing so anticipated many of the simmering tensions that have boiled over to create our present divisive political and social climate. The film resonates, 40 years after its making, as America, and by extension the world, is forced to reckon with the stifled, frustrated side of our country that Dave, his family, and friends inhabit. Indeed, revisiting the film causes us to familiarize ourselves with the vulnerabilities that have transformed Rust Belt ennui and anger into a force with much political power and social agency.

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