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This woman's voice is absolutely beautiful. Turn up your sound and enjoy.

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boyfromnyc 6 years ago

Hey Son Do You Want To Join The Big Top

Thanks, DrT.

How did we miss the Acoustic cafe?

I know it was the Snake Lady

OP drtom 6 years ago

"Good-bye, Cruel World, I'm off to join the circus. I'm gonna be a broken-hearted clown."

giants_fan_28 6 years ago

Terrific. Is she Bettman or Halpin?

OP drtom 6 years ago

Stephanie Bettman, the one on the left; interestingly just after I "shared" their video on FB, she sent me a "Friend Request". I am now "friends" with Stephanie, but more importantly I love her voice and their song writing. Share this with everyone you know.

jeannie 6 years ago

Reminds me of Joan Baez.