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boyfromnyc 6 years ago

I have not heard it., nor am I familiar with Lissie.
I will listen again.

Somewhat related, last week MSN listed songs where the cover was better,

Hendrix is not one of my favorites, but his version of "Watchtower" tops Dylan's.

Also IKe and Tina's "Proud Mary" gives CCR a run.

OP djfrodo 6 years ago

I can't stand The Velvet Underground but I think the Cowboy Junkies' version of Sweet Jane is tremendous (and definitely better than the original).

I love Jimi and his version of All Along the Watch Tower is better than the original (I think Dylan even said he thought it was).

And...With a little help from my friends by Joe Cocker. I'm glad The Beatles wrote it, but I'm ever more happy Joe covered it.

In term of The Pursuit of Happiness...I love both. I'm also in love with it's a tough call.

drtom 6 years ago

Very nice - worth more than one listen.