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It's...interesting. I love Fiest but this sort of seems like 3 or 4 great ideas smashed into one track that doesn't do justice to any of them.

With that said I hope she releases a new album soon.

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boyfromnyc 6 years ago

I tried ,but couldn't get there.
I listened to a few other pieces with the same result.
I like more grit in my music.

djfrodo 6 years ago

I agree. I was so excited when I heard she did something new and when the track started I thought "It's got the Fiest vibe".

Acoustic guitar, haunting vocals, etc. Somewhere within about 45 seconds I thought "this is either going to be epic or disappointing".

It was the latter.

You are a brave soul for listening to more, I didn't out of fear it would taint my idea of her more.

I'd still marry her though - in a second.