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File this under "totally missed news"...

This does not sound good, at all. I've been using Reason since it started and usually when a music software company brings on outside investors that company is broke.

I must admit I've only paid for Reason once (Reason 7) and that PH really hasn't done much since then in terms of expanding it's capabilities. Before version 7 I had used version 3 for years and was actually annoyed by the UI changes - which were terrible - seen after version 5.

I absolutely love Reason and have used it as one big VST via rewire for most of my sound needs but I can honestly say PH needs one of two things 1) some new products or 2) they need to open Reason to VSTs. The first is incredibly hard and trying to come up with something earth shatteringly new, which they did with the original Reason, happens about once every 10 years. In the era of Ableton I think they this is a pie in the sky dream.

As for opening Reason up to enable VSTs - for anyone who knows PH they aren't going to do this. It flies in the face of their basic design philosophy.

I really hope this isn't the beginning of the end for Propellerheads.

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