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It seems the stars are aligning in some magical constellation - Propellerheads are finally adding VST support to Reason!

I've written about the Props before lamenting the fact they took outside investment and wonder what their future would be.

I was totally wrong. If outside investment does something like adding VST support to my favorite music making tool the Props should seek more of it.

According to the article:

Reason’s VST implementation is based on VST 2.4. Any 2.4 compliant instrument or effect plugin (that’s just about every VST out there) will work in Reason.

Also of note, addressing if Reason devices can work alongside VSTs :

Sure! In that regard, there is no difference between VSTs and other Reason devices. Play them with Players, put them in combinators, add Reason effects, patch audio and CV to them – just like you always do in Reason. The only difference is that the VST plugins open in a separate window.


There's a lot of other info - specifically crash protection of VST (the reason that Propellerheads gave for not adding VST support - no idea what's changed now).

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amplitudefreq 5 years ago

This is 10 years overdue, but very welcome.