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Why ? (self.politics)
submitted by boyfromnyc 5 years ago

Need some help here. Is there a reason why the Democrats, or at least one of them, have not released/leaked their "memo".

By not releasing/ leaking their memo they are allowing Trump et. al. to set and control the agenda.
Rebuttal comments are insufficient.

If they are adhering to some " process" they need to recognize that Nunes and his cohorts destroyed
any semblance of process.

Dems, "Grow a Pair".

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djfrodo 5 years ago

re: Dems, "Grow a Pair"

On this I agree, and I think they've finally realized the need to get dirty (at least a little bit).

As for their memo...I think after the reaction to the Nunes memo they don't really even need to release their own. The Nunes memo was basically so bad that it actually proves the Russian investigation is on the right track and the only power it had was not being released, but release it they did.

The same goes for the Dems memo - it has more power in not being released.

Honestly, I really don't get the entire thing. It seems like Republicans just want something, anything, to discredit the investigation, muddy the waters, and set up a pretense for firing Rod Rosentein.

I just want Mueller to take his time - the longer the investigation goes on, the crazier and more distracted the Trump administration will become and the less they will get accomplished.