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Good read about how Thomas Jefferson, and to a lesser extent Thomas Paine, understood how monarchs gain and kept their power, and they foresaw what someone like the President Trump could do to get that power.

Article is pretty long, but here's the first few paragraphs:

“Future ages will scarcely believe that one man adventured… to lay a foundation so broad and so undisguised for tyranny over a people fostered and fixed in principles of freedom.”

Or, put it another way, future ages won’t find it easy to understand how the hell a system specifically designed to eject the tyranny of kings has now allowed one into the White House. This week’s events have made it clearer than ever that President Trump has become King George III—without the taxes.

To rub home the irony, my opening quotation is from Thomas Jefferson’s draft of the Declaration of Independence, the definitive rejection of the rule of the British despot.

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