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The Sixth Amendment to the Constitution guarantees accused individuals the right to a trial by an
impartial jury.
Mitch, " I'm 100 % not impartial", McConnell and his cronies are undermining this basic tenet of our judicial

In the real world, away from Congress, a first year law student would have and the others dismissed from jury service.

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djfrodo 3 years ago

Yeah...it's quite a naked and brash admission that Republicans have no intention of hold a fair trial, or that the rule of law means anything.

What it does point out is how good Nancy Pelosi is as playing political chess - she's not going to send the articles of impeachment to the Senate for trial, instead she's going to let Republicans (and DJT) swing in the wind while more and more evidence comes out.

The longer this stays in the news, and the closer we get to November 2020 the more Republicans will want to make a deal, or she just holds it until after the election.

Either way the Republicans are screwed, but they will say "The Democrats couldn't even send impeachment to the Senate - Trump isn't really impeached! Total exoneration!"