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Lisa Murkowski's speech re the bogus impeachment trial is worth a read.

She could have done more, but her remarks and criticisms are well founded.

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djfrodo 3 years ago *


O.k. so I looked it up: https://www.reuters.com/article/us-usa-trump-impeachment-murkowski/republican-senator-murkowski-spares-few-in-fiery-impeachment-speech-idUSKBN1ZY06D

Like Collins I think Murkowski is totally full of shit (furrowed brow, etc.)

She went on a rant to an empty Senate giving a speech no one will remember, and then vote to acquit.

Here's an excerpt:

On Monday she said, “I cannot vote to convict” Trump, and indicated a preference for a much softer penalty than the removal from office that Democrats have been clamoring for — a “censure” by Congress.

She went on to list transgressions on both sides of the political divide that she saw unfolding during this impeachment process, only the third in U.S. history:

She cited Trump supporters’ eagerness to “have just dismissed the case as soon as it reached” the Senate and Trump’s detractors’ acting as if “the only way the trial could have been considered fair was if it resulted in the president’s removal from office.”

With a broad-brush criticism of both political parties, Murkowski spoke of their “apparent willingness...to destroy not just each other, but all of the institutions of our government. And for what? Because it may help win an election?”

Having castigated the House, the Senate, Trump and the media, Murkowski wrapped up her approximately 11-minute diatribe on a note of faint optimism: “It’s my hope that we finally found bottom here.”