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This could also go in politics, but since that's not a default headcycle I guess technology is the best place for it.

I can believe they voted for this, but this thinking is freaking medieval.

edit - forgot some words

djpsql 6 years ago

Dollar Bills Y'all 💰 💵 💸

buzzy 6 years ago

This is totally about money.

Two quotes from the article, first the Nyt's perception of the bill -

The Senate’s vote was a victory for giant telecommunications and cable companies. The F.C.C. chairman under the Obama administration, Tom Wheeler, had declared that broadband would be regulated more heavily, by categorizing the service in the same regulatory bucket as telephone services, which are viewed as utilities. That move acknowledged the importance of the internet for communications, education, work and commerce and the need to protect online users, Mr. Wheeler had said.

And here's the industry's response -

“We appreciate today’s Senate action to repeal unwarranted F.C.C. rules that deny consumers consistent privacy protection online and violate competitive neutrality,” the cable industry lobby group, NCTA-The Internet & Television Association, said in a statement on Thursday.

So, not letting telcos sell my surfing habits/history denies my privacy?

Come the fuck on.

Meanwhile everyone will just talk about the delayed healthcare repeal and this won't really get any traction.