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This level of idiocy is shocking.

Our representatives have zero understanding of how technology works.

This isn't as dumb as the "the internet is a set of tubes" guy - it's worse.

Parson want to prosecute the reporter when it's the state that should be.

Here's a link to the original tweet

Here's part of the article:

Missouri Governor Mike Parson wants to prosecute a journalist who warned the state that a government website left school teachers and administrators' Social Security numbers exposed.

Parson called St Louis. Post-Dispatch reporter Josh Renaud a “hacker” and vowed to seek criminal prosecution at a press conference on Thursday. Renaud's "crime?" Clicking "view source" on a publicly available webpage.

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hal9000 95 days ago

This is pure GOP playbook stuff - raise fear about something simple, make it sound like something sinister, and make it a distraction.

Also, have no idea what you are talking about.

The best part of his tweet is this:

Through a multi-step process, an individual took the records of at least three educators, decoded the HTML source code, and viewed the SSN of those specific educators.

Anyone ever "decoded the HTML source code" before?