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re: /h/AskHeadcycle and /h/Memes (self.headcycle_labs) originally posted by deathcorefuriosa
administrator's reply 2 years ago

That's the basic idea : )

re: deleted ( originally posted by gmailacct
administrator's reply 3 years ago

We've seen really weird fluctuations in traffic, and we've seen a ton of spam.

But overall the traffic is increasing over time, not including huge spikes.

Unfortunately we also went through this:

Hope that answers your question.

re: deleted ( originally posted by djfrodo
administrator's reply 5 years ago

Sorry everyone but the event has ended and the live feed is no longer available.

re: What kind of Headcycles are allowed? What is the content policy? ( originally posted by n
administrator's reply 6 years ago

Interesting question - at the moment there isn't a content policy.

re: SEC coming after Bored Apes ( originally posted by chovy
administrator's reply 7 days ago

Dude (or Dudette) this is a great site. simple, elegant, and funny.

Seriously "SEC coming after Bored Apes" is a great headline.

I'll bet you saw fucked company at some point, but if you haven't you're carrying on a long and honored tradition.