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re: HHS official calls for reclassifying marijuana as a lower-risk drug in letter sent to DEA ( originally posted by cheechsmith
cheechsmith's reply 33 days ago

is made available theraputically via prescription only, but with a (recently enabled) very low bar for access

So you're about 15 years behind the U.S.

It started in California where you could just say that you have anxiety and you'd get a "medicinal" marijuana card.

I have a back problem - card.

I have insomnia - card.

So, in another 10 years one of your provinces (?) will break away like Colorado and Washington (states) in the U.S.

It will be another 10-15 years before anything happens after that (this is where the U.S. is now).

Good luck!

re: Medical Marijuana ( originally posted by belpro
cheechsmith's reply 4 years ago

Why have more examinations not been done?

Because $ (big pharma) and the US Government can tax prescription drugs, not the plant that grows naturally and is pretty much everywhere. Also, racism in the 1920s in the southwest US.

Bill Hicks said it best

re: Marijuana's Mind-Altering Compound May Improve Memory ( originally posted by cheechsmith
cheechsmith's reply 6 years ago

Here's the same report this time by Newsweek