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re: Unity has changed its pricing model, and game developers are pissed off (theverge.com) originally posted by hal9000
hal9000's reply 79 days ago

Yeah, that seems about right...or they've hired one too many MBAs and the inmates have taken over the asylum.

Either way they are in for a really bad time.

Game development is hard enough, but this will allow malicious users to kind of ddos a game and make the developer pay for it.

From everything I've read the fee isn't linked to revenue, but the number of downloads in a given 12 month period.

Unity is going to have to backtrack, but talk about losing trust, if I were a game dev I wouldn't touch it with a ten foot poll after this.

re: Apple to Finally Pay Out $500M Over iPhone Slowdown Lawsuit (cnet.com) originally posted by hal9000
hal9000's reply 93 days ago

I remember at the time thinking - "That's a clever move".

It took me a while to realize just how evil Apple can be. Everyone thought Microsoft was evil in the 90s, but Apple has gone above and beyond.

Now, not only do you have to have Apple hardware for almost anything dealing with app development, you have to have the right Apple hardware, meaning the latest and greatest.

For some reason I've forgotten my Apple account password on more than one occasion and instead of the "normal" reset password, it literally takes two weeks.

The most valuable company in the world makes you wait two weeks to reset your password, wtf?

Want to develop an iOS app? Well, you can't do it with any machine that's 2018 or older, and in a few months it will be 2020 and newer.