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re: Colorado Purchased 100K COVID-19 Tests From South Korea and 'Kept It Under Wraps' to Avoid Feds Seizure, Says Governor ( submitted by djfrodo
jeannie's reply 66 days ago

So, if I were a governor, I would do exactly what the MD and CO governors did! they are trying to protect the people in their states and with a dysfunctional federal govt. they have to be entreprenurial. Good for Larry Hogan and Jared Polis!

re: The David Rubenstein Show: Anthony Fauci ( submitted by eugene
jeannie's reply 96 days ago

What a charmer is Tony (Dr.) Fauci. This is an interview long before the current pandemic, but he's been working on infectious diseases for more than 35 years! AND he's a Jesuit-educated product.

re: Megathread: Elizabeth Warren to Suspend Presidential Campaign ( submitted by eugene
jeannie's reply 123 days ago

I agree that Warren staying in the Senate has a more important purpose than her being chosen as VP since control of the Senate is our second priority after getting rid of Trump. I think that Biden has other choices- but many of the likely women candidates are also in the Senate - Kamala Harris, Amy Klobuchar, for example.

re: The Citizens United ruling broke American democracy at the start of the decade. It never recovered ( submitted by eugene
jeannie's reply 191 days ago

This is the real corruption. I wish Warren and others would call it out directly, rather than referring in general to corruption.