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re: Novel recommendations... "is like" comparisons (self.literature) originally posted by dubnobasswithmyhead
jeannie's reply 158 days ago

If you are looking for new genres of mystery thrillers, here are three I really like:

Scandinavian murder mysteries: The atmosphere is dark and bleak; so are the solutions. Just search on this term and you will find a plethora of authors.

American West murder mysteries: There are two authors we love: Craig Johnson and CJ Box. They both have heroes who are actively in the foress of Wyoming and Montana. Longmire, the hero for Johnson, is also a TV series, but the books are different ...deeper. CJ Box's hero is a park ranger in Wyoming, but not for wildlife.
A third is an individual, Donna Leon. She write about a policeman in Venice. May be a different one for you, but she's VERY good and the crimes are resolved in quite differ went and humane ways.

re: F.D.A. Approves First U.S. Over-the-Counter Birth Control Pill ( originally posted by jenner
jeannie's reply 135 days ago

I remembe vividly when widespread availability of birth control pills in the late 60d happened. It was quiet, but we were all sio relieved! I'm deligfhted that the pill is now avaiailable OTC. Hurrah!