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re: The Evil CEO That Elon Musk Is Copying | The Class Room ft. @FDSignifire (youtube.com) originally posted by qwerty
qwerty's reply 159 days ago

I was watching a video about the latest and greatest computer build on the TUBE channel and this popped up in the sidebar - "The Evil CEO That Elon Musk Is Copying".

The thumbnail is a dude in a t-shirt with dreads and in the title he's got an @ to what sounds like an MC's name.

I just thought "O.k. TUBE algo, you got me, let's see what you've got".

What I got was amazing.

A clear and concise breakdown of the history of corporations in the U.S. and how they've been changed so drastically by men like Jack Welsh Welch (with a little help from others).

The best I've seen so far (I've only watched 2): How Milton Friedman Broke The American Economy

I'm glad you liked it.