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re: Meanwhile, in Australia... (theguardian.com) originally posted by dubnobasswithmyhead
whatthefcuk's reply 95 days ago

O.k. Mr. Nightmare Fuel, enough of your sorted tales for the land of creepy crawlies : )

re: Impressive harvest last year!! (self.spicypeppers) originally posted by dubnobasswithmyhead
whatthefcuk's reply 163 days ago

jesus christ man,

This looks great!

It seems to me that...

You're rather good and very serious about spice and peppers.

I'm assuming you grew all of the stuff and you make your own sauce.

After you've made the sauce what do you put it on?

And...I have no idea what varieties you're making - I can make spaghetti, bacon and eggs, and a good bagel, that's about the level of my expertise.

re: If You Are A Bunny Contemplating Suicide – This Is The Book For You (designyoutrust.com) originally posted by blahblah
whatthefcuk's reply 6 years ago

Straight out the The Far Side brand of humor, no doubt about it.

Love it.

re: Does Your State Lean toward Barbie or Oppenheimer? (neatorama.com) originally posted by bogey
whatthefcuk's reply 128 days ago

Are you the wizard?


Hope you're having a good winter.

re: Roasted Poblanos in Cream Sauce (Rajas con Crema) Recipe (simplyrecipes.com) originally posted by dubnobasswithmyhead
whatthefcuk's reply 130 days ago

This looks absolutely delicious!

re: Shredder Machine Vs Cell Phone Shredding! Smashing Hard and Soft Things! Oddly Satisfying - YouTube (youtube.com) originally posted by lonelyman40
whatthefcuk's reply 2 years ago

Man I can't believe the pink melodica got shredded, that's suck a waste!

re: How To Protect Your Children From Abduction? (self.technology) originally posted by kerryainsworth95
whatthefcuk's reply 5 years ago

What the hell is this? Fear mongering from Buzzfeed about child abduction.

kerryainsworth95, this isn't what anyone wants to see.